Zero Waste

If you plan to attend our  "Tiny Tour &  Open House" event and participate in our Zero-Waste "Hunt & Learn", or if you simply are interested in adopting this lifestyle, here are the products that we use and plan to highlight. Although it might seem contradictory to consume more when the aim is to use less, we have found these products helpful in eliminating waste from our home, as well as toxins from our environment.

This affordable counter top system removes 200+ contaminants from your

drinking water!

Big Berkey

Water Filtration System

An alternative to single use plastic bottle, KK is made of recyclable Stainless Steel & comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Klean Kanteen

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Say no to single use, disposable plastic straws with this amazing stainless steel reusable straw!


Stainless Steel Straws

Scrub your dishes clean without dirtying the environment! This Dish Brush has fully compostable brush heads which can be replaced when they are all scrubbed out.


Plant Fiber Dish Brush

The healthiest & "green"-est cookware on the planet, Xtrema is all natural and will not leach toxins into your food.


Pure Ceramic Cookware

Enjoy peace-of-mind cooking with all natural, anti-bacterial,  toxin-free & compostable  cutting board & utensils.

Greener Chef

Organic Bamboo Kitchen Tools

Keep your food fresh and plastic free with this airtight, stainless steel container that is liquid and air tight so you can carry around anything from a sandwich to soup! 

The Fresh Locker

Stainless Steel Storage Containers

An eco-friendly, zero waste solution to disposable pee pads. Flush your pet's piddle down the toilet versus placing it in the dumpster with this pet-tested and approved alternative.

Piddle Place

Portable Pet Potty

Eliminating the need for plastic, these jars come in many sizes.  Use on a bulk shopping trip or in your fridge and pantry.

Le Parfait

Re-useable Mason Jars

Sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. Wrap up fruit, vegetables, and bread. Cover a bowl, or pack a snack for your next adventure. These are washable, reuseable, and compostable.

Bee's Wrap

Reusable Food Wraps

Easily store biodegradable food waste for garden fertilizer right in your home using this stainless steel countertop container.


Kitchen Compost Bin


Naturally processed, vegan, chemical free, and with anti-microbial properties, use it for a body moisturizer or for homemade zero-waste toothpaste! (see recipe)

Dr. Bronner's

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Shampoo Bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles and packaging.  This particular bar from small, sustainability-oriented company, Meow Meow Tweet is made from the finest vegan and organic ingredients.

Meow Meow Tweet

Zero Waste Shampoo Bar

Not only will this three pack get your started on a natural skincare regime, but you can also diffuse oils in the air as a toxic free, health-enhancing alternative to chemical ladden room deodorizers and candles.

Ancient Apothecary

Organic Essential Oils

Made of bamboo, not plastic, this brush helps to eliminate one of the most prevalent forms of ocean plastic pollution, plus it looks insanely chic in your bathroom and is compostable.


Bamboo Toothbrushes

By and large, the beauty industry is quite unregulated.  The average woman puts 515 chemicals on her body each morning.  Reduce your toxic load and cut waste by going all natural.  Check out our recipe for Clear Skin Cleanser.

US Organic

Jojoba Oil

Cotton is the most heavily pesticide sprayed crop & women spend most of their lives inserting it into the most delicate part of our bodies. Natracare is an organic, non-toxic, plastic free, fully compostable option.


Organic Feminine Hygiene

Each eco-friendly, BPA, formaldehyde, and chlorine free roll is individually wrapped in paper & the fully recyclable/ compostable packaging helps protect our oceans!


Bamboo Toilet Paper

Who thought flossing could be so zero waste? Made from bamboo fiber and activated charcoal and coated in organic tea tree and peppermint essential oils, this biodegradable plastic-free floss is sure to make you (and the planet) smile!

Lucky Teeth

Organic Bamboo Fiber Dental Floss

Meow Meow Tweet does make an all natural deodorant in a compostable paper push-tube (available here) but you can take zero-waste hygiene even further by using a completely package free and extremely long lasting alum stone!


Pure Alum Stone Natural Deodorant


"18 in 1" Dr. Bronner's can satisfy all your soap needs! Use it as a body wash, to clean the dishes, to wash the windows, to clean the toilet, and even to bathe the dog! Now that's cutting waste!

Dr. Bronner's

All-In-One Organic Castile Soap

These fragranced soap bars are part of a toxic free way to do your laundry.  Pick the scent of your choice and get grating.  If you follow our recipe, you'll have heaps of toxic-free laundry you can feel good about!

Dr. Bronner's

Organic Castile Soap Bars

All Full Circle products are made without harmful coatings, dyes, plastics and chemicals to make sure your family gets healthier and clean. A more eco-friendly option, this broom is made with bamboo and a bit of  recycled plastic.

Full Circle

Clean Sweep Bamboo Broom

What good will our ceramic cookware be if we are eating our food from dishes washed using toxic detergents? Make your own using Citric Acid & a few other ingredients!

(see recipe)

Pure Organic

Food Grade Citric Acid

Use re-useable glass jars to store bulk laundry detergent (laundry room), dishwasher detergent (under the kitchen sink), and homemade granola (in the pantry). Grab a chalk pencil to label the contents!

Anchor Hocking

Bulk Jar with Chalkboard Lid

A component of zero waste lifestyle is eliminating plastics that pollute our planet for centuries and opting for more durable, recyclable materials. This metal dust pan provides all of the above.


Black Metal Dust Pan

The chemicals in laundry products have been linked to a variety of diseases! Try making your own DIY natural laundry detergent by using Washing Soda & this simple recipe.

All Natural

Super Washing Soda

Cut back on toxic ridden plastics that can leech into your food and DIY cleaning products, by using these stainless steel scoops with your glass bulk jars.




Stainless Steel Scoop

Made with bamboo and recycled plastic, this is a 2-in-1 Wet/Dry mop.  Use the reusable microfiber pads or opt to attach cloth rags in the same way and break out the vinegar for a natural, non-toxic clean.


Full Circle

Bamboo Mighty Mop


"Clean up the planet, one bag at a time" by switching to 100% organic cotton, re-useable, compostable bags.  EcoBags makes a variety of types and sizes.  These ones are perfect for bulk bin shopping!


Organic Cotton Bulk Bag

We love this zero waste shopping starter kit complete with 4 jars (with tare weights pre-printed on them), a blue grease pencil to write on the PLU number, and a convenient 100% organic cotton compostable carrying bag!


Goods Holding Co.

Zero Waste Shopping Kit

Hop on the "Bring Your Own Bag" movement by using these EcoBags for fresh produce.  Who wants plastic infiltrating their plates....and our earth anyways?


Organic Mesh Produce Bags

Satisfying one of the 5 limbed Zero Waste Path, these convenient stackable bins will help you up your recycling game. After you've refused, reduced, and reused, be sure to recycle or rot!

Recycling Rules!

Stackable Recycling Bins

With your zero waste shopping complete, be sure to use durable, lightweight reusable bags at check out! I like these ones from BeeGreen.  They fold up neatly into a small packet for easy stashing in your purse.


Reusable Grocery Bag Set

One of the best ways that we avoid sending trash to landfill is by composting. Composting is essentially taking organic waste and breaking it down into soil again using heat, time, and perhaps a handy outdoor tumbler.  


Compost Tumbler


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