September 2, 2018

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March 2, 2019

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Tara's Non-Toxic, Zero Waste, Vegan-Friendly, Super Healthy, Holiday Gift Guide

November 23, 2018


 If you talk to any of my friends and family,  they’ll tell you that I'm always “the weird one” bringing my own food and drinks to parties, making my own cleaning products, and geeking out on the latest health and wellness documentary.


No matter what the situation is, there is always a way to make it healthier, cruelty-free, more eco-friendly, or non-toxic, at the very least.


And the holidays are no exception!


I do know how much extra thought can go into making it work though, and wanted to make it a little easier on you.


I figured this would be a good time to do so with Black Friday upon us. Although I am certainly not ones to hit the stores in person or shop to excess beyond my minimalist sensibilities, the weekend does make for some great online deals....and who doesn't like SAVING MONEY while they save the planet and their health.


Below you will find my recommendations for healthy stocking stuffers and gift ideas, arranged (roughly) according to price!


 L'BRI Skin Care Travel/Gift Set:


By far offering the biggest bang for your holiday buck, these sample gift sets by L'BRI are totally FREE!!!....just pay the shipping costs. If you're not quite ready for DIY beauty solutions, I highly recommend this skin care regime, as it uses aloe vera as the first ingredient, not water. In addition to aloe vera, L’BRI skin care and body care products contain select natural vitamins, herbs, sea plants, and botanicals formulated to heal, nurture, and rejuvenate the skin....and they are free of harsh detergents, drying alcohols, and toxic preservatives.


 Ethnique Hair Sampler:


The perfect gift idea to encourage someone to give up the bottle! Sample Ethnique's range of best-selling, plastic-free hair products; three shampoo bars and two conditioner bars.  Do your part to save the planet from plastic pollution by using this cruelty-free, eco-friendly, compostable and trendy alternative.  #ZeroWaste


 Cliganic USDA Organic Essential Oil Set:


Help and encourage your loved one to ditch the toxic room deodorizers and candles!  Diffusing essential oils into the air  instead is a health-enhancing alternative to all your fragrance needs.  They can additionally be used in DIY skin and body care products, like facial cleansers, moisturizers, perfumes, lotions, and hair care.


Simple Ecology Organic Reusable Shopping Kit


A completely eco-friendly reusable starter set for zero waste farmer’s market or grocery shopping. The Best in Eco-Friendliness, this 6-piece set is natural, sustainable, organic, biodegradable, reusable, & compostable.




 Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Coffee Mug:


An alternative to single-use disposables, Klean Kanteen is made of recyclable Stainless Steel & comes with a lifetime guarantee. Get on trend by getting on the bring-your-own-cup bandwagon. 







 Trellis Stainless Steel Fermenting Kit:


With all the talk in health circles about the power and importance of the microbiome, this fermenting is sure to be a hit with the health enthusiast in your family.  Have fun creating your own probiotic-rich fermented foods, like kimchi and sauerkraut with this kit that makes fermentation easy, simple, and convenient.




Mini Microgreens Growing Kits:


Cut back on plastic grocery store packaging by growing your own organic and super nutrient dense microgreens! This would make the perfect "gift that keeps on giving" for the budding chef or aspiring gardener in your family!



 Handy Pantry Organic Tofu-Making Kit:


Everything you need to make your own yellow soybean & black soybean tofu from scratch! Enough soybeans to make 8lbs of tofu in a wooden mold, cutting back on packaging waste and eventually filling your tummy with healthy plant-based protein.  A fun-filled gift for the kitchen queen or DIY'er.



 CBD-Infused Coffee & Creamers:


Let the best part of waking up on Christmas morning be hemp-infused coffee in your cup!  For the coffee aficionado, this health-enhancing upgrade will be a HUGE perk.  One packet of this organic, hemp and chaga mushroom-infused arabica coffee, combined with one packet of vegan, keto, garcinia cambogia-infused coffee creamer (available in mocha, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors), supplies your body with 10 mg of CBD.  That's a gift sure to have your health-conscious loved one saying "Mmmmm Mmmm Good!"



 Pure Xtrema Ceramic Cookware:


The healthiest & "green"-est cookware on the planet, Xtrema is all natural and will not leach toxins into your food.  The health-conscious chef in your family would LOVE this!!!!







Phillips Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock


Encourage your loved one to keep the wifi rays away from them at night.  Instead of using cellphone radiation as your alarm clock, try being more aligned with the natural rhythms.....okay, even if by simulation.  This colored sunrise simulation alarm clock wakes you gradually with a natural light lamp and a speaker that plays a choice of 5 gentle wake-up nature sounds....and healthily increases your melatonin and serotonin levels as a result.




 Big Berkey Water Filtration System:


If you don’t already have a high quality water filter in your house… please get this for someone in your family so you do! Probably the single most important change you can make for your family’s health. 



 Rebound Air Mini Trampoline:


Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) has been found by NASA to be the most efficient form of exercise possible, and the way it gets the lymphatic system moving is incredibly detoxifying. Highly recommend for the days you take off from your regular yoga practice! ;)



Wishing you all a very happy and HEALTHY holiday season!








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