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TRANSFORM THE PAIN: Meditation For Emotional Healing

October 14, 2017

From a very young age, we are all introduced to the multidimensional experiences of being hurt - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Unfortunately, from a very young age, we are also acquainted with a myriad ways to harbor that pain and stuff it deep inside our bodies, instead of constructively expressing and releasing the corresponding emotion in the moment. 


We live in a culture where stoicism is valued, apathy is inherent,  and emotional expression is labelled as inappropriate sentimentality or worse yet, a product of uncontrolled hormones gone awry.  This unfortunate dynamic ensures that we are never able to be balanced and flowing in our energy expression.


The mind endures a lifetime of conditioned beliefs and expectations through which it filters all perceptions.  Yet, it is these very constructs that often keep us trapped.  We repress who we are and what we feel in favor of how we are conditioned to think; limiting our freedom of being in the process.


Meditation is one of the best avenues for emotional healing.  It encourages us to resist the impulse to ignore feelings, push them away, or judge them as negative.  It prompts us to be objective and to learn to see all emotions as only energy that passes through us.  Meditation also instills greater self-compassion, as we develop the ability to be kind to ourselves while simultaneously taking responsibility for our own state of being.


When we find ourselves flooded with emotion, or engulfed in a situation where repressed energies are being triggered, meditation can help us achieve constructive release.  By uncovering the false perceptions and repressed feelings, our energy is set free, allowing us to return to balance, harmony, and a deep experience of peace.


The following guided meditation, "Transform The Pain" is particularly effective.  Inside the stillness, it takes you on an active inner journey, where beyond mindful, compassionate awareness, ancient Chinese Medicine techniques and visualizations are employed to help you heal at the deepest level.  When used in conjunction with sound healing and energy-release breathe work, it is a recipe for a life lived "wholly healthy and holy human." 


Create a safe space, grab some Kleenex, take lots of deep cleansing breathes, and bravely prepare to be transformed.  The way to release the pain is to go through the pain, with tools to support you on the most rewarding journey you will ever take: the journey to your true Self.


Please send us a postcard from the road by sharing your experience in the comments below.





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