September 2, 2018

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March 2, 2019

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The World's Best Green Smoothie

October 8, 2017

So why is this the world's best green smoothie, you ask?  In addition to being absolutely delicious and my personal favorite combination of ingredients, it's also among the world's most healing smoothies!  Packed with all the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, you need for rockin' optimal health, this smoothie is sure to delight both your body and your taste buds!



The secret to this smoothie?  The Greens!!!  You'll want to pack your blender at least 75% full of them.  I like Rainbow Kale, because its the most nutrient dense, but any combination of "power greens" will do.  Sadly, following the Standard American Diet, the majority of people just don't consume enough dark leafy green vegetables....or any at all, for that matter. Healing smoothies are the solution! 


Providing fiber to improve digestion, vitamins and minerals to speed healing, phytonutrients to prevent disease, and enough protein to squash the most common myth in the nutrition field, that has even the most patient of vegans rolling their eyes when constantly asked "THE" question, greens truly are a super food (packed with tons of protein, if you were seriously itching to ask). By themselves, they are not always the most palatable, but the rest of the ingredients are going to make drinking a massive salad through a straw feel like you're enjoying the most decadent dessert ever. Kale Yeah!!


The spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down is the addition of fruits used to create flavor. After testing dozens of combinations, watermelon, dates, and lime just so happen to be my favorite combination! However, you can have fun with switching things up here.  Food truly is medicine, and your refrigerator can act like a medicine cabinet. 


Depending on your particular health needs or goals, you can change your fruit combo as you see fit.  For example, watermelon is a storehouse for the carotenoid group of phytonutrient.  Carotenoids act as antioxidants in your body, which means they tackle harmful free radicals, improve the health of your skin, and keep your immune system working properly.  Dates, considered a nearly ideal food, contain at least 15 minerals, including selenium, an element believed to help prevent cancer and important in immune function. Lime, on the other hand, in addition to being an excellent source of vitamin C, also contain flavonoids, which aid digestion and work to reduce inflammation in the body to help prevent chronic disease. With this combination, my skin, in particular, has never looked better and my body heals amazingly fast.  Breakouts are gone in world-record time and my cells are hyper-nourished and super hydrated. The skin is our only visible organ, but what's happening on the outside is a direct result of what's taking place inside. All the wonderful benefits of green smoothies work together to move waste smoothly through the colon, and bring the body into a state of alkalinity that detoxifies from the inside out.  In addition to being absolutely refreshing and incredibly addicting,  this particular blend of ingredients and flavors is delectable, highly beneficial, and therefore, is the most regular in my weekly smoothie recipe rotation.....which is the perfect segue to the final essential component.


Got poop?  You will now! There is so much fiber in this smoothie, that being extremely regular in your regularness will be a highly regular part of your life moving forward, as things start to move along at what initially seems like a highly irregular pace. There's fiber in the kale, there's fiber in the watermelon, dates, and lime,  but this smoothie takes it to another level with the addition of chia seeds.


Known to be one of THE most popular and powerful superfoods, chia seeds contain about 10 grams of fiber per cup.  Being so high in dietary fiber, chia seeds benefit bowel regularity and work as a prebiotic that supports the growth of probiotics in the gut.  Equally important, they also provide a high dose of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, which tend to be extremely deficient in the average diet. Rich in Alpha Lipoic Acid (or ALA), chia seeds turn on your body's ability to fight inflammation in a major way, and have been shown to heal auto-immune disease, prevent cancer, and reverse heart disease. While enjoying this smoothie, you are quite literally holding health in your hand!


Not convinced yet?  Watch our video to see how it all comes together, then give it a try for yourself!  We guaranteed that you'll want to make smoothies a regular part of your health and wellness regime moving forward.  Once you're ready to invest wholeheartedly into your whole health, you'll likely also want to invest in the absolute queen of high-speed blenders, the Vitamix!  You can find a purchase link on our Resources page.


Once you sample this delectable, high-health treat, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments, or share your own "go-to" smoothie recipe for optimal health and healing. What's your flavor?




**Credit and a huge thanks to Dr. Brooke Goldner of Goodbye Lupus for the inspiration and the education!!**






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