We get asked almost every day about the products we use and the resources we recommend. That’s why we believe this page will be helpful to those of you looking to quickly finding solutions that you can trust. These products are all things we have tried and use ourselves. We do get a small commission from some of the products you see here at no extra cost to you. We only link to products we personally use and support and if you do purchase through us you have our sincere and heartfelt thanks! Hope you enjoy the products are much as we do.

Once you decide to invest wholeheartedly into yourself and your yoga practice, you'll also want to invest in an excellent yoga mat.  The Manduka PRO is by far THE BEST and the only one we recommend. With it's performance grip surface, it has unmatched comfort and cushioning. Designed for performance and durability, the PRO is backed by a guarantee that it won’t peel, flake or fade for life.  It's definitely a bit pricey, but worth every penny.  Your down dogs and standing poses will never feel more stable!  Highly recommend.

Hugger Mugger also makes a really great yoga block.  These cork blocks are a great addition to select standing and balance poses, like Half Moon.  They are a bit heavier than foam blocks, so much sturdier.  Hugger Mugger cork blocks have a unique contoured edge, which makes them more comfortable when used under your body for supported back bends or shoulder stand.

This bolster by Hugger Mugger will have you falling even more deeply in love with restorative or yin yoga.  It's the perfect size and thickness for most every body type.  Once you settle in to a restorative fish pose, a restorative deer twist, or a "Yoga Goddess" pose, you'll never want to get up.  Add a blanket and an eye pillow and it's pure heaven.  It's so nice to have one for your home practice!  A bit of restorative yoga in the evenings before bed is such a sweet night cap to your day and helps you sleep better!  You can also bring it to the studio with you, too!

If you have tight muscles, hamstrings in particular, you'll want to incorporate a yoga strap into your regular practice.  It's a great way to increase flexibility quickly without compromising your back health.  Great for Janusirasana, Paschimottanasana, Supta Padangustasana, straps are incredibly useful. You can also get creative with incorporating them into restorative poses like Supta Baddha Konasana.  Definitely a great addition to your yogi tool box!

The ultimate goal of yoga is meditation!  When you feel called to advance your practice in that direction and commit to a daily seated meditation practice, it's really nice to have some support.  DharmaCrafts makes a really nice cushion set : a "zafu" to elevate your hips, and a "zabutan" to provide essential cushioning for your ankle and knees when sitting cross-legged. Your meditation goes so much deeper when you don't have to contend so much with the aches and pains of the body.

Another essential meditation tool is Mala Beads!  Used in conjunction with mantra repetition or even to help you count, and therefore stay more connected to, your breath, mala beads can help you stay more focused during your practice. The tactile sensation of touching one bead per mantra really seems to help! Malas come in all sorts of colors, some made of wood beads and others with gemstones, so you can customize and find one that resonates.  They also make a nice accessory that you can wear throughout the day as a reminder to practice mindfulness off the mat, as well.


Did you know that over 60% of US municipal water is fluoridated? As a super health conscious yogi, this might be concerning.  Even bottle water isn't safe.  The solution:  Berkey Water Filtration.  Berkey water filter systems are far superior to other filtration systems because in addition to removing fluoridation, they also remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine to levels higher than 99.99%, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.  Berkey's much more reasonably priced than other systems so this is super clean, healthy water you can afford!!

With super clean water, you'll want to make sure it stays that way!  Glass is the perfect vessel.  We love this glass water bottle with flip lid some Ello Syndicate.  It's BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead and cadmium free, and with a one-handed push button lid and convenient carry loop, it's easy to bring this bottle wherever you go.  It even allows for quick sips in the middle of yoga glass! 

With so many second-rate tumblers available on the market, The BEAST is definitely the best! Offering unrivaled value for money: 2 unbreakable steel straws, a free straw brush to make cleaning even easier & 1 splash proof lid, it's perfect for keeping your Green Tea hot and your Green Smoothies cold, while also being reusable and better for the environment. With a  splash proof closable lid you can keep your drinks insulated and protected all day long, making it easier to stay hydrated and healthy!

Speaking of Green Smoothies, if you've learned how incredibly health-enhancing and delicious they are and have become as addicted as we are,  you'll want to invest in the absolutely queen of high-speed blenders:  THE VITAMIX!  It's a bit pricey but totally worth the investment.  After all, it's more than an investment into a kitchen appliance, it's an investment in your optimal health and well-being.  Not limited to smoothies, although we recommend making one every day, The Vitamix can also whip up soups that are warm and ready to eat straight from the pitcher.

If you haven't discovered the Veggie Bullet yet, you're in for a treat.  It's a must have for any vegan kitchen. With it's 3-in-1 functionality, this food processor automatically spiralizes, shreds, and slices, all with just the quick and easy switch of a blade! Perfect for quickly making zoodles, cauliflower rice, or chopped salads.  To see how it works, be sure to check out our Vegan Zucchini Alfredo recipe video on The Budding Vegan blog.

If you don't have a hand blender yet, this is a must add to your vegan kitchen wish list.  With just this one tool, you can blend, whip, and mix. What's even more convenient, is that you can do it right on your stovetop, which makes this the perfect tool for creating homemade soups like our Turmeric-Roast Cauliflower soup.  


10 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN OTHER BRANDS (50 BILLION CFUs) – BioGanix's unique, clinical strength Probiotic Supplement Formula contains a massive 50 Billion live Beneficial Bacteria Cultures (CFUs) + 11 Proven Probiotic Strains in a small easy-to-swallow capsule! (The Top Brand on Amazon contain only 5 Billion.) Stop wasting your money on ineffective, inferior probiotic supplement, BioPro-50 Probiotic is the best.....and it's vegan, too!               

This Neti Pot Starter Kit contains everything needed for a daily nasal wash routine, Naturally removes excess mucus, pollen, dust, and other environmental irritants from the sinus passages. Enhances sinus and immune support.

A great addition to your yogi toolkit when you are fighting a cold, but many traditions will also emphasize this as a regular self-care practice of "santosha" (cleanliness)

Ancient Apothecary essential oils are renowned for their rich history and distinct scents. When diffused for aromatherapy these oils creates a soothing, uplifting and revitalizing ambience to any home or workplace. Ancient Apothecary essential oils are certified organic 100% pure. This starter pack includes many of the oils recommended for cold/flu, and overall wellness, including peppermint, tea tree, frankincense, lavender, and lemon.

An Ancient Apothecary add-on that you might want to include in your holistic health cabinet.  Clove Oil is recommended in our Yoga for Cold & Flu eBook because it aids in cardiovascular function, encourages circulation, promotes a healthy immune system, works with the Stomach/Spleen meridians to decrease phlegm and mucus, and is the worlds second most powerful antioxidant herb.


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